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Book Spotlight: The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels, Vol. 3: The Creepy Campers: Tony Penn

Michael finds himself caught up in competing with his fellow campers. After each event, the winning camper is awarded a ribbon. As the challenges get harder, Michael finds it easier to cut a few corners, even if it’s considered cheating. Winning feels really good and soon Michael is in over his head. Is it worth winning if you’re breaking the rules?

‘Creepy Campers’ is the third installment in the Misadventures of Michael McMichaels. Primarily, it’s for children in grades 1-5. If they’re reading independently, I’d recommend for grades 4-5. It’s about 90 pages (including pictures). Each book in the series provides a strong message geared to helping kids make strong, morally sound choices. Here, we have Michael having to make a choice between easy & right. It’s a timely, real-life message delivered within an engaging plot.

Michael is the type of character that both boys and girls will like and will likely find he has a lot in common with them. His antics are typical for a boy his age- nothing too over the top. As an adult reader, you may find his behavior humorous, but children will easily identify why it becomes a moral dilemma for him. In this book, he has to make choices in regards to cheating as well as ‘telling’ on people who may seek retribution. Also, he must choose whether or not to go against what everyone else is telling him in order to stay true to himself.

What makes Michael’s series great is that the message isn’t preachy or even easily noted. It simply blends in with the normal flow of the plot. Tony Penn has done a great job with putting his hero into situations that come up everyday and showing kids the consequences of Michael’s actions. It’s not a fluff piece. It’s fiction with a lot of real scenarios.

I feel it’s a great series and highly recommend it for the elementary set. I give it 4 stars.


*Pic belongs ONLY to the author/publisher.

The book is published by Boys Town Press. The name may sound familiar to you as Boys Town is celebrating its 100th year and was represented in the famous Spencer Tracy (1938) movie of the same name.

I received the aforementioned book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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