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Book Spotlight: Max and Bird: Ed Vere

Birds and kittens aren’t usually friends. In fact, most are enemies. But, Max the Kitten and Bird decide to change this stereotype. Max does view Bird as a potential, tasty snack, but when Bird needs his help, he is determined to do the right thing.

Award-winning, best-selling author/illustrator, Ed Vere brings Max and Bird to life. Having penned two prior books about Max, Vere has established his character and Max will endure. I loved everything about this book. Perfect for the Pre-K through perhaps 1st grade set, Max and Bird provide numerous lessons for children- both obvious and not so overt.

Using ‘friendship’ as it’s main moral message, we see Max and Bird grow as friends and individuals. At the beginning, Max’s mindset is to follow the history of birds vs. cats and eat bird. But, as he begins to spend quality time with Bird, he realizes that his initial assumptions were a bit off. He also finds great satisfaction in helping bird with his quest to fly. Here children witness unlikely friendships formed and about giving new friendships a chance especially when people are drastically different.

With Bird, readers see a character who realizes he needs help and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Again, Bird throws off stereotypical behavior and instead makes Max feel valued as a friend. We also witness Bird losing his temper, but rebounding quickly. He doesn’t dwell on his anger or get violent. He verbalizes and moves on. These are long-lasting messages kids need today.

As the book’s illustrator, Ed Vere has drawn Max and Bird exactly how one might mentally picture them. The illustrations keep the reader’s interest without becoming the only focal point of the book. There’s a perfect harmony between words and pictures. ‘Max and Bird’ is a great choice for bedtime/quiet time reading and I highly recommend it! I give it 5 stars!

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