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Summer Firsts For My ‘Year Of Firsts’

The Year of Firsts continues as I make a concentrated effort to try new things. Some of the summer’s firsts did involve me directly. Some were occasions of me having to let go for the first time in new ways.
For the first time, we allowed our youngest to go to camp. He attended an out-of-state Youth For Christ Camp for a whole week. A whole week. I let my baby get on a bus and go with non-family members for a whole week. You may have gathered that it was not easy. It wasn’t. It was a whole week.

But, he did well. In fact, due to it being a technology-free week, I wasn’t able to hear from him. He zip-lined, went tubing and swam. For a whole week. The husband took a vacation week during this time. He was home. For a whole week.

We had a catastrophic event when Buster got hurt. For the first time, I had to confront the fact that Buster is mortal and we may lose him. We went to an emergency vet for the first time and I found myself thrown back 14 years as he had to be cared for as if he was a human newborn.

However, two weeks later, I fulfilled a ‘bucket list’ item when we took Buster on the boat. He did a fantastic job and I adored every, taxing minute of it!

Speaking of boating, I got to go night fishing for the first time. There’s something eerie yet pleasant about being in a boat, in the middle of a lake, at night with no one around. Sounds are amplified. Where you swore there were no fish, fish splashed. We saw an otter and a snapping turtle which aren’t frequently noticed during the day. The sunset was beyond words. The glistening water was indescribable. It wasn’t even about fishing for me. It was so darn peaceful. Local rules say that boats must be out of the water by 10:30. We docked tn minutes prior. It was fantastic & I’d do it again.

In a vanity related first, I’ve had black hair for the last 20+ years. For the first time, ever, I have let it go au natural. It is 3/4 of the way gray now. I’ve been thinking about changing hair color though my husband had always been against it. When he brought it up, I thought, why not? So I consulted a cosmetologist, friend of mine who advised me to let it go gray before changing up. That is what I’m doing.

When it’s suitable to change, I will decided which color route to explore. But, this was a big first for me. I didn’t think I had the courage to go all out gray. I never even go to the Dollar Store without make-up. I never thought of myself as vain until I realized I didn’t want to look old. However, it’s been liberating!

As fall approaches, we’re preparing to enter 9th grade here at home. We have a high school student again. But, for this child, it’s his first time. Wish us luck!

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