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Book Spotlight: Cutie Meets Mr. Lizard: Felicia Di John


In this first book, we meet Cutie, a sweet, curious, adventurous chihuahua rescue dog who lives in a house in the desert. She is a little dog who thinks she is big. Her mom Ava Rose is six years old and loves Cutie very much. She would like to play with her all day, but she must go to school. Cutie is never happy when her mom leaves her for school because that means she will be home all alone. So today, Cutie decides to go outdoors by herself to play. She explores the desert around her, makes a new friend, and finds that some animals eat strange things. She is having so much fun that she almost forgets to get back home before her mom arrives. Luckily, she remembers, and Cutie makes it back just in time to greet her mom, Ava Rose.

‘Cutie’s’ first big adventure focuses on a message of gratitude. While enjoying her excursion into a new world, she becomes aware of how good she has it at home. It’s a relevent message for today’s children. Terence Gaylor has provided wonderful illustrations, full of color & life.

Cutie is based on real-life Chihuahua rescue pup (of the same name) who lives with our author. While each of Cutie’s adventures will feature a life lesson (the next is out 9/17), it is the author’s hope that Cutie will highlight the joy that rescue dogs can bring.

As the mom of my own rescue dog, I can wholeheartedly agree. If you are in search of new reading materials, especially what will become an ongoing series, then perhaps Cutie is for you. She is definitely a little dog with a HUGE personality. I give her 4 stars!

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*Pic belongs to author/publisher Only **Synopsis provided via Goodreads

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