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Apple Assassination: Stacey Alabaster

A Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery #13

Pippa has really gotten into her new role as a farmer. She’s been particularly fond of her all organic apple trees. When she wakes up to discover half of her trees are completely bare, it’s an understatement to say she ‘lost it’! Of course, her first call is to her best friend, bakery owner, Rachel.

Naturally, the two amateur sleuths are on the case and follow the missing apples all the way to their biggest rivals at The Dough Planet. Thinking it’s an open and shut case, the duo is stunned when The Dough Planet calls them with a problem. One of their customers is dead. Not only that, but the last thing she ate was a pie baked with Pippa’s apples!

Now, the case is more than a theft. It’s a murder mystery and a race to clear Pippa’s good name.

Our Bakery Detective girls are back in the game, finally. The 13th installment seems to be a lucky number for Stacey Alabaster. She gives us a great, fast-paced mystery to follow. There is a lot of back-and-forth between suspects.

We get to meet several residents that are new to us and they are quite the characters! I enjoyed this one enough to renew my faith in the series. I’m looking forward to a fabulous #14!

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