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The Good Widow: Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

The last thing Jacks Morales expected was to see two police officers on her doorstep. But, it shocks her to her core when they deliver the worst news possible. Her husband of eight years has died in a car accident. As if that’s not bad enough, his death didn’t occur in Kansas, where he said he was. Instead, he died in Hawaii and he wasn’t alone.

James died alongside his mistress. She, too, had been living a double life. When her fiancé, Nick, arrives shortly after the police, he and Jacks decide to travel to Hawaii, together. There are too many variables. When did the affair start? Why did two seemingly happy people decide to cheat on their respective partners? How exactly did the car accident occur?

Jacks hopes Nick can help her reassemble her life and come to terms with the secrets her husband had hidden. Their plan is to retrace the deceased couples final days. But, as details emerge, she’ll have to wade through a lot of fact and fiction.

The author duo has joined the ranks as suspense/thriller authors. This novel is a mix of romance, family drama, thriller, & mystery. Jacks is a flawed heroine- kind of love her or hate her character. Though the plot definitely lagged a bit in spots, the writing is solid. Some of the events will readers having shaking their heads. I wasn’t quite convinced that too many scorned wives would travel to their husband’s love nest in order to retrace his final steps.

Regardless, it was a good read and I would read additional works from one or both authors. I give it 4 stars.

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