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Boomer at the Bat (Woodville Tales Book 1) by Julia Dweck

If you’re looking for a fun summer read for your elementary-aged child, look no further! Julia Dweck, acclaimed children’s author, has crafted yet another winning read.

‘Boomer At Bat’, the first of the Woodland Tales, features two animal teams battling it out on the baseball diamond. Boomer is determined to be the game’s hero by nailing a home run. He’s so determined that he forgets how important it is to be a good sport. Thankfully, his coach is there to reinforce good behavior. Can Boomer do the right thing & still be a winner on the field?

Books with a moral message still need to be entertaining. After all, they don’t get their point across if no one reads them! Julia Dweck has done a tremendous job writing a terrific story AND getting her message through. As an added bonus, Chris Kennett has drawn exquisite characters. The story will most definitely keep your child(ren) interested. I can see this one becoming an ‘every night’ read before bed.

I thought so much of it that I’ve recommended it to my Aunt who is a librarian at a local Christian school & at our community library. I give it 5 stars. I never get tired of reviewing Julia’s books. Good authors should also be celebrated. Good children’s authors, even more so!

*I received a copy in exchange for review. ALL of my opinions are my own.

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