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Adventure Awaits with Beauty Box 5

Summer is all about adventure. Although, admittedly, our sense of what is adventurous changes as we age. Whether you’re flying down a zipline or trying a new flavor of iced coffee, you want to look good doing it. Beauty Box 5 wants to help. As our favorite subscription service, BB5 delivers 5 new, new-to-you, or old friends, directly to your mailbox every month. They make seeing the mail truck exciting again! You can’t beat the price either. Nowadays, there isn’t too much that $12 can buy. But, for $12 a month, you get 5 beauty products. Many months’ boxes even contain full-sized products. June’s box has 4 full-sized treats. Buckle up! Here we go!
Jesse’s Girl was the one Rick Springfield wanted in the Eighties. It’s also a delightful cosmetics brand. It’s not a new brand to me, but I hadn’t tried their liquid eyeliner before this. Full disclosure: the box contained blue eyeliner which I haven’t applied since Springfield’s song. However, while the color was an epic fail on me, the product wasn’t. I agree it dried quickly. I did like its precision. I would purchase it in a different color despite what the fashion gurus may call ‘seasonal’. For, $6.99, it’s worth it. Prestige Cosmetics throws in a full-sized version of their mascara known as ‘My Biggest Lashes’. Kudos to them for it being in ‘black’. Although it’s $7.50 price tag isn’t bad, I found it to be a product I would not buy. One of their selling points was its ‘plushy’ brush. I call it cumbersome. It’s way too big for me. Two coats later and my lashes looked no different from before it was applied. Alas, my search for the perfect mascara continues.

Did Hair delivers their Jeweled Hair Tie Set. This two pack is adorable. Since hair ties aren’t usually all the rage, it’s hard to find ones that don’t make you look like you’re trying to be twelve again. These are different. They’re feminine without overdoing it and leave the focus on the hair rather than themselves. They also appear to be built to last. We all remember those horrid rubber band ones that would snap and zing across the room to God knows where. These don’t do that & don’t crease your do when they are removed. I like them & the $7.50 MSRP is a good deal.
Laritzy is a new-to-me brand. They sent their Lip Liner in Nude. I liked the color. I also tried it as a liner and as full lip color. Both seemed to last without any additional color help. Their ‘nude’ was a little different from what I’d call nude as it seemed a bit on the coral side. The only deterrent is the $18 MSRP. That’s too much for me to make it a permanent make-up bag resident.

Finally, and our only sample-sized product, is from Coastal Scents. They’ve made many BB5 appearances. This time they brought their ‘Revealed 3 Palette’. I was surprised at the last power of these shadows. The colors were spot on: one black, one dark plum & one lighter version, and an off-white. Used together they came out fabulous. I wore it utilizing all 4 colors and they stayed from day to-night without touch up. For this reason, I can deal with its $19.95 MSRP. I think the ‘Reveal 3 Palettes’ are winners.

Now, if we add up the box’s products, we get $59.94. That’s pretty accurate considering that 4 of the 5 are full-sized. We’ve saved $47.94! Plus, times, gas, and aggravation to go buy them. You can find full product info as well as subscription prices by visiting

Have a great Summer!

*Due to no one’s fault, my box didn’t arrive until 6/24. Usually, it’s here by the 20th.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for honest review. All opinions are mine.

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