Lots of ‘Pants on Fire’

‘Liar, Liar. Pants on Fire!’ was probably a phrase everyone has heard as a playground taunt. If we use it freely in today’s society, it’d basically be the only thing we’d ever say. We’re taught from a young age to trust political figures and law enforcement. Most of us grow up in communities were we can trust our local police. But, anymore, that’s where it stops.

For whatever reason, this is the first Presidential election that I was even remotely interested in. I watched all the debates. I watched constant coverage. I voted in the primary & the official election. My husband did too. In fact, for the first time ever, he was contacted by our party to help with various things. It was an exciting time.

Obviously, both candidates were flawed. Deeply flawed. One portion of all the back & forth seemed to bother me the most though. James Comey. Now, I had always heard that he had integrity. He was a stand up guy. Jim Comey would ‘get it right’. Then he started acting political. There’s no other way to describe it. Political. He said no indictment, but laid out an indictment via television. He began to say one thing and do another. Reopening and closing cases like they were for traffic tickets.

No matter one’s political affiliation, what the situation can be described as is: sad. If, as I was saying, we’re to trust authority, especially law enforcement, than what does this say? The man in charge of THE law enforcement agency can’t get his story straight, leaks information, and has his own version of honesty, then where does that leave us?

What of the media? As a small town girl, I knew that our local paper was not of the notoriety of the NY Times. But, even now, people in our community are back & forth as to whether to believe 90% of what’s printed. If the NY Times isn’t telling the whole truth, who is? Is there anything left that sacred? ‘Don’t believe everything you read’ used to be just a figure of speech. Now, it’s become almost a truth. Somewhere in the bias, the hatred, the rhetoric, there is a kernel of truth. But, whose truth- ours, our representatives in government-  who’s?

I guess we have to decide who to believe & when. Hopefully, at some point, the truth will again become the norm and we can go back to believing most of what we read about politics. Afterall, the nightly news shouldn’t be fiction or spun or polished. Our world is what it is. If we can see that, why are some trying to deceive us?


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