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Houses & Homicides: Stacey Alabaster

Bakery Detectives #11

Rachel & Pippa have recovered after their train ride of terror in Book 8.
Book 8 Book 8 ended in a cliffhanger. Without giving the cliffhanger conclusion away, Pippa & Rachel have found themselves in another murder scenario. We were aware that Rachel has decided to go along with the conglomerate, The Pastry Tree, to expand her bakery and her wallet.

All seems to be humming along well until the company representative is found dead at her hotel. Now, in addition to yet another murder to solve, all of Rachel’s monetary dreams are put on hold. As if it wasn’t enough, she and her boyfriend Kenneth are having serious issues. Perhaps he isn’t the man fr her after all?

This newest addition to the series was certainly interesting. In the grand scheme of the series, the murder doesn’t really fit in. As a standalone book, it seems mlike a normal cozy mystery. To me, a different victim would have been a better fit.

Here, we have some development with Pippa and her family. Her character remains flighty and one I often shake my head about. There’s little development with Rachel as a character, but the town continues to expand and more support characters are introduced.

I had been anticipating the release of Book 11 due tot he cliffhanger. Without revealing, it was most definitely not where I thought it was going. While that’s neither good nor bad, it was a bit of a letdown I suppose. The series, in all honesty, is running out of steam. Some cozy series can run on for book after book without sacrificing quality. This may not be the case here, unfortunately. This one is a 3 star book.


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