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Hand Tossed Murder: Patti Benning

(Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria #8)

In the midst of everything going on with the restaurant’s renovations, Ellie’s Grandmother has informed her that they’ll be having company. Old friends of hers are staying with them for a short-term visit. Initially, all is well with Kat & Norman. Nonna enjoys having old friends around.

But, soon after they arrive, a murder occurs. The victim is an acquaintance of Kat & Norman. As Russell begins investigating, it starts to look as if Nonna’s friends aren’t the same people she once knew. Are they really murderers?

‘Hand-Tossed’ continues our series with a bit of a far-reach for a mystery. Initially, everything made sense. Towards the end, things got muddled and felt as if the author rushed to wrap it up. That said, it certainly isn’t a bad read. It just wasn’t the best one in the series.
I gave it 3 stars.

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