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Four Cheese Murder: Patti Benning

Book #7 in the Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series

Kittiport, Maine is experiencing a particularly nasty winter blast. The local community center is helping the locals who’ve experience power outages from the weather. Wanting to help, Ellie begins donating pizzas to the center on a regular basis.

During one of her deliveries, Ellie comes face to face with yet another death. A young, community volunteer is found dead, in the snow, outside the center’s doors. Never one to shy away from a mystery, Ellie decides she wants to find justice for the young lady. Unfortunately, there are a lot of layers in this mystery. Disgruntled roommates, jealous co-workers, and no murder weapon won’t make things easy for her. Adding in the fact that the Sheriff is out with an injury and Ellie is knee-deep in more than snow.

‘Four Cheese’ has more character development as we have Ellie & Russell’s relationship beginning to take a more serious turn. We also have more development in the town as Ellie visits more local places and we get a better feel for Kittiport.

The mystery was well-developed and with multiple suspects this time. As the series continues, the books are definitely getting better and more complex while maintaining that cozy mystery feel. This installment is a 4 star book. It can also be read alone, but I believe in reading a series from the first book on.

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