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Gourmet Holiday Murder: Patti Benning

(Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria #6)

It’s Christmastime in Maine & as Ellie Pacelli prepares to celebrate the season, she assumes there will be peace on Earth. Shopping & decorating take a temporary backseat to restaurant renovations. Ellie has her heart set on a drive thru window being installed at the pizzeria. Hoping it’ll encourage time-crunched patrons to continue to buy pizza.

After she picks a contractor, she assumes the project will continue. But, soon after he starts work, he’s found dead in the snow. At the most wonderful time of the year, who’s the murderous Grinch?

Although it is still technically a mystery, Book 6 seems more like regular fiction. We find out much more about Ellie & her friend, Russell. For most of the book, it’s a feel good story. The mystery portion is pretty routine. I won’t take much for readers to figure it all out.

It’s a good read no matter which genre it’s filed under. It certainly is better than the last one and hopefully will continue in this fashion throughout the series. I give it a solid 3 stars.


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