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Better Watch Out: Willow Rose

The title of this novella may be from a popular Christmas tune, but the story is far from it. Sara has a phobia about Santa. According to her, he isn’t a jolly, cookie-loving elf. No, to her, he’s a vicious killer. Her story is relayed to the reader as she is telling it to a psychiatrist.

Warning: this is not one for sensitive readers. You’ll never view Santa the same way again.

Full of mayhem and the antithesis of Christmas cheer, Willow Rose does what she does best- scare the pants off of her readers. At only 55 pages, it’s definitely a quick read that you’ll finish in one sitting. Other than the synopsis above, telling anything more would ruin the novella.

It was a fun read. I can tell you that much, though. I give it a 4 star rating and encourage those who enjoy a good scare to try this one.


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