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Murder Train: Stacey Alabaster

Bakery Detectives Book #10

When Rachel is offered a buyout by a big chain bakery, she & Pippa plan a trip to the ‘Big City’. Boarding a train, they decide to hold off on any decision-making until hearing the company’s sales pitch. However, in pure Rachel/Pippa fashion, things go very wrong, very quickly.

Soon after boarding, there’s a murder. Usually, Rachel is the only amateur detective around when these things occur. But, this time, a young man on the train fancies himself a better detective than Rachel. Both launch investigations. Only one will be right.

In the midst of solving the crime, stuck on board an unmoving train, Rachel & Pippa aren’t sure that they’ll ever make their big meeting. If they do make it, will Rachel really sellout her dream?

Stacey Alabaster has created a great series. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t near the quality we’re used to from her. I didn’t mind so much that it ended with a cliffhanger. What was a surprise to me was the need, I felt, to skim through some of the dialogue and even the action. She’s a better writer than this for sure.

The setting of the train had endless possibilities. But, the direction it went in wasn’t one I was particularly fond of this time. Still, I look forward to Book 11 to find out how the bakery’s storyline goes. This installment is a 3 star novel.


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