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Farmer’s Pantry: American Farm Grown Snacks

When we’re hungry, the very last thing we want to do is have to search for food or launch into some major league preparations. Let’s be honest. Most of us grab the closest food source, be it a donut or an apple. Hunger takes over & we throw nutrition out the window. Only after the hunger subsides do we realize that we’ve scarfed down 12 cookies or a container of gummy worms.
What we all need is a handy snack that is filling, nutritious, AND convenient.Farmer’s Pantry has just the snack we need. Their Cornbread Crisps are simply amazing. Three different flavors for every palate: Original, Honey Butter, & Jalapeno.

Now, Cornbread may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when the word ‘Snack’ is used. In fact, cornbread reminds me of those big, Sunday dinners with family. But, Farmer’s Pantry has found a way to take this dinnertime staple and make it into a fantastic snack.

Unlike so make snacks in our homes, these crisps are baked (not fried). Want some more good news? They are made from REAL corn. 100% of their ingredients are grown on American farms. Americans feeding Americans! I love that! It’s good for our country and good for our bodies. Where would America be without our farms/farmers? Farmer’s Pantry thanks them properly by incorporating the food they grow and by giving back to charities affiliated with America’s farms.

Three of us sampled the three varieties of crisps. I took Honey Butter, my husband took Original, and my youngest took the Jalapeno. After tasting, each of us declared our flavor as the best! Then we each tried a different flavor. Same result. So, the bottom line is that all 3 flavors are phenomenal!

Very rarely can we honestly say that a product delivers exactly as promised. Farmer’s Pantry delivers in a big way. Taste, nutrition, and a great business- that’s the perfect combo. Cornbread Crisps are the ultimate go-to munchie.

Visit their website for full product details as well as where to buy.

Find them at the following social medias:

We received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine alone.


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