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Farmer’s Pantry: American Farm Grown Snacks

When we’re hungry, the very last thing we want to do is have to search for food or launch into some major league preparations. Let’s be honest. Most of us grab the closest food source, be it a donut or an apple. Hunger takes over & we throw nutrition out the window. Only after the hunger subsides do we realize that we’ve scarfed down 12 cookies or a container of gummy worms.
What we all need is a handy snack that is filling, nutritious, AND convenient.Farmer’s Pantry has just the snack we need. Their Cornbread Crisps are simply amazing. Three different flavors for every palate: Original, Honey Butter, & Jalapeno.

Now, Cornbread may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when the word ‘Snack’ is used. In fact, cornbread reminds me of those big, Sunday dinners with family. But, Farmer’s Pantry has found a way to take this dinnertime staple and make it into a fantastic snack.

Unlike so make snacks in our homes, these crisps are baked (not fried). Want some more good news? They are made from REAL corn. 100% of their ingredients are grown on American farms. Americans feeding Americans! I love that! It’s good for our country and good for our bodies. Where would America be without our farms/farmers? Farmer’s Pantry thanks them properly by incorporating the food they grow and by giving back to charities affiliated with America’s farms.

Three of us sampled the three varieties of crisps. I took Honey Butter, my husband took Original, and my youngest took the Jalapeno. After tasting, each of us declared our flavor as the best! Then we each tried a different flavor. Same result. So, the bottom line is that all 3 flavors are phenomenal!

Very rarely can we honestly say that a product delivers exactly as promised. Farmer’s Pantry delivers in a big way. Taste, nutrition, and a great business- that’s the perfect combo. Cornbread Crisps are the ultimate go-to munchie.

Visit their website for full product details as well as where to buy.

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We received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine alone.

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Be A Golden Girl With Beauty Box 5

It’s April! Although the month is almost gone, there still enough time to be your shining self! Most of us remember the thrill of getting a gold star on our elementary school work. Well, Beauty Box 5 gets a gold star for this month’s box. In case you missed all the puns, this month’s theme is ‘Stay Golden’!
Not familiar with Beauty Box 5? They are a monthly, subscription service that delivers 5 new, new-to-you, or old fave beauty products to you each month via USPS. Plans start at $12 per month- cheaper than 2 trips to Starbucks! You get to experiment with the latest trends and brands. Most month’s the box includes full-sized products. In fact, this month has 4! Add up the prices of the products if you’d buy them individually and you’ll be startled by the savings! I always am!
Let’s get started!
Three of this month’s manufacturers are one’s I know. Two are new to me. We’ll check the newbies first.

Jean Pierre ‘Vitamin-C Sheet Mask’ is our only sample size item. Usually, it’s offered in a set of 5 masks for $12.99. That’s not bad considering the amount a spa facial is! Plus, it provides you with a very valid excuse to spend 15 whole minutes in the potty….alone. Bonus! It’s simple to use, too. Wash your face. Make sure it’s dry. Apply the mask and wait the 15 minutes. It boasts anti-aging, brightening, & hydrating properties. After using the one included, I could tell that I looked more awake if nothing else.
DID Hair was new-to-me, too. They gave us a full-sized pack og their Bobby Pins. Golden & shiny, they certainly aren’t the Bobby pins my mom always had. Pins are a great way to throw hair up quickly whether you’re cooking, washing your face, or tired of your toddler pulling out clumps. Their golden shine makes them dressy enough for a date night but their functionality makes them cool for everyday. They have an MSRP of $8.50.
While the pins are a great tool for hair, BB5 has sent along 2 make-up tools as well. One of which is made by BB5! Their ‘Highlight Fan Brush’ is perfect for any look you want to achieve. It’s simple to use and allows for layering in whatever capacity it’s used. It has an MSRP of $12 which is understandable. With make-up brushes, you get what you pay for. A dollar store brush performs like a dollar store brush.
Sweep’s ‘Rose Gold Lash Curler’ was a blast from the past for me. I haven’t used one since high school! Sad, I know. Between jobs and kids, I just skipped using one. Despite the fact that my 14-year-old thinks it looks like a torture device, this curler is fantastic. Yes, it’s pretty as can be. But, pretty is only skin deep. So, does it work? Simply put, yes! There’s no pulling, no lash loss, and it’s sized for any size hands and eyes. It provided a nice curl that was definitely noticeable. It has an MSRP of $15.99.
Finally, our fifth product is ‘Blush’ from Be A Bombshell. It’s a pretty sizeable blush for having an MSRP of $6. I was surprised at how big it really is compared to other competitors. My color was ‘Cougar’. Meow! Their suggestion is to utilize the Fan Brush discussed above. I liked this color. It’s very similar to the color I use daily. I’d probably refer to it as a rose, a warm hue. It lasted as long as comparable brands and definitely can be layered and adjusted to personal preference. I declare it a gold star winner, too.
Now, if you add up all of April’s box, you get $55.48. That saves you $43.48 if you bought these individually. But, then you need to consider the travel to the store, standing in line, etc. plus the gas & finding a parking space. Whew! It’s SO much easier to wait for the mail carrier, isn’t it?

Visit for full product and ordering info. You’ll like what you see.
Full disclosure: for whatever reason my box was about 5 days late this month. Usually, it’s here by the 20th.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. Your experience my differ from mine. All opinions are solely mine.