Wined, Dined And Dead: Stacey Alabaster

Bakery Detectives Book #9
Valentine’s Day has arrived. Like many couples, Rachel & Kenneth and Pippa & Marcello plan to spend the Holiday dining in style. ‘Scott’s’ is the place to be. Priding itself on being the epitome of upscale dining, the foursome had to settle for the night before the holiday in order to score a reservation.

But, their dinner is ruined when a murder is committed in Scott’s. Unfortunately, the victim happens to be their waiter- a young man named Paul. Before they know it, Rachel & Pippa are back to investigating whodunit. Romance will have to wait.

The last two installments of the series have definitely evolved. There is a lot more mystery & investigating included. Pippa & Marcello continue to provide comic relief with their endless supply of martial woes. I’m not a fan of the ‘Kenneth’ character who appeared in Book 8. Rachel is a better heroine flying solo.

As for the plot, this one has a number of twists and turns. It’s interesting how many people’s lives intersect. But, that’s true in real-life so it works here too. Readers will be kept guessing a bit longer than they have with the series before this book (which is a good thing). I give it 4 stars & hope the writing continues in this direction.


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