The TimeKeepers: Jenn Bregman

SYNOPSIS: “The TimeKeepers centers on a young, idealistic, naïve lawyer named Sarah Brockman. Having left Big Law in search of work that will make a difference, Sarah finds herself barely scraping by, running her own personal injury firm working for clients who can’t pay and pursuing causes she can’t win.
Then, a random horrific car crash changes everything.
Brimming with corrupt judges, dirty cops, offshore banking, massive fraud, and countless twists and turns through the highways and byways of southern California, Mexico, and the Cook Islands, The TimeKeepers follows Sarah as invisible strings pull her closer and closer to the core of a shocking conspiracy. Facing off against a cunning and deranged adversary, Sarah must navigate a kaleidoscopic landscape of characters including a sharp-witted socialite, a felon, and a shameless Mexican raconteur – all while kindling a tender romance with her boyishly handsome new love, Sam, who’s been following the same trail… but from the other end, and the wrong side of the law.”

MY THOUGHTS: ‘The TimeKeepers’ maintains the usual legal thriller plot. Good vs. bad, David vs. Goliath. Sarah is a likable heroine, to an extent. Her romance with Sam is a tad too convenient and distracts from the plot. It was my feeling from page one that revealing the ‘villain’ from the get-go was a mistake. It would have changed the entire dynamic of the novel and made it ten times better, had the reader been kept guessing for a bit.

The ending itself was good. Our author brought the epilogue to together nicely. However, I found the majority of the book to be a bit too wordy, dragging along with lulls in the action, and predictable. A word of caution for sensitive readers: there is coarse language, violence & sex throughout the novel. While the book is readable, it lacked anything majorly exciting or noteworthy. I give it 3 stars and hope the sequel surpasses this one.

I received a copy in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine. Pics & synopsis belong ONLY to the author & her team.
Jenn Bregman is a white-collar criminal defense lawyer who has practiced in both Los Angeles and New York City, where she worked on some of the most notorious cases of our time. A veteran of Big Law and a graduate of the University of Denver and UCLA Law School, her writing has been published in the UCLA Law Review and Los Angeles Lawyer magazine. A marathoner who loves pugs and hiking giant mountains, Bregman lives in Los Angeles and is a member of the California Women’s Bar Association, Los Angeles Women’s Bar Association, Gamma Phi Beta, and Mensa. The TimeKeepers is her first novel, with a sequel planned for release in 2018.


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