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And Oscar Goes To…Beauty Box 5

We’re ready for lights, cameras, and beauty! While we may not all be accepting golden awards, you can look as good as Hollywood’s Elite. Obviously, this month’s theme is ‘Red Carpet Ready’. Our friends at Beauty Box 5 have included 4 full-sized products.

If you haven’t tried BB5, a New Year is the perfect time to start. Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers, via USPS, 5 new, new-to-you, or old faves directly to your mailbox. Twelve dollars per month is beyond reasonable when you add up the cost of buying the products individually. Plus, it’s fun to get a surprise in the mail each month. In addition to the products, BB5 usually tucks a few goodies in such as coupons and Instagram contests. Without further ado, here’s January’s 5.
img_0633What’s the worst possible scenario for a special event? Yep, a big old pimple! Being that no one I know has a professional make-up crew, we need some help at home. Maskeraide feels our pain! Their solution to the zit-pocalypse is ‘Spotted Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches’. To review this particular product, I recruited my 14-year-old son. You know you’ll get honesty because few teenagers have a filter on their mouths when it comes to stating their opinion!
He has a had a particularly determined ‘blemish’ that has withstood everything we’ve thrown at it. He was excited to try these patches. A huge plus was that they are clear. It doesn’t look as if there’s a Band-Aid on your face. He just cleansed as normal then applied the circular patch to the pimple itself. I love that it isn’t a mask nor does it covered a large area. Best of all, it worked!
As per the directions, he left it on overnight. Redness & swelling were dramatically reduced. On a side note, he thought it was ‘really cool’ that it is made in part from volcanic ash. With an MSRP of $7 (CAD), I will definitely invest in these for him!
Full-sized product #2 is one I was super excited to see! Novex is a new-to-me company & they’ve sent along their ‘Bamboo Sprout Leave-In Conditioner’. Now that we have ‘city’ water, my hair & skin is trying to adjust. The result has left me with really dry hair. This leave-in helped with the first use. Flyaways & the dry feel are gone. Hooray for bamboo sprouts. As an added perk, it has an MSRP of $4.99 which earns it a definite thumbs up from me!
img_0636Pur-lisse’s ‘Pur-Delicate Soy Milk Cleanser’ is definitely gentle & silky. It delivered as good a clean as similar products. My concern is its $36 price tag. While it’s the only product in the box that wasn’t full-sized. I still can’t justify that expense when there are many products, priced less, that deliver as well.
Next, we have another new-to-me superstar. ‘So Susan’s Light Diffuser’ is brought to you in its full-sized self. A 2 for 1, we have contour on one side & illuminator on the other. Full disclosure: I’ve said it before, I’m not a pro with contour. I’ve seen too many women make huge mistakes with it so it intimidates me. However, I gave it a try & while it isn’t something I’d add daily, I liked the illuminator side. Not a huge difference in my opinion, so while I had some fun with it, I probably wouldn’t purchase it individually. Nice product though. It has an MSRP of $18.
Finally, we have a full-sized product from Nanacoco. They’re a familiar face in BB5. Every girl likes nail polish & I was thrilled to see an earth-toned, everyday friendly, shade. Your box may vary. I received ‘He’s so fine’ #21071. It was extremely friendly to my skin tone and is a part of their ‘Classic Collection Nail Polish’. With an MSRP of $3.95, they’re definitely worth it & its cheaper than a spa mani!
Add all these fab products’ prices together & we get a total of $69.94 (eventhough 1 item is sample-sized). That means we saved $57.94! Economical & fun! BB5 always gets my award for Best Subscription Service! Visit for full product & ordering in.
Due to circumstances beyond my control, our BB5 was late this month. I apologize. I’m not sure whether it was our rural mail or what, but it didn’t arrive until the 24th. I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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