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The Twilight Wife: A.J. Banner

Kyra Winthorp has lost 4 years of her life. Somewhere in her mind, those years exist. But, currently, she knows very little.

Jacob, her husband, has tried to fill in those blanks for her. There was a diving accident which resulted in a head injury. That accounts for the memory loss. Mystic Island is home to her & yet foreign as are the ‘friends’ that she can’t seem to recall. Frustrating as the amnesia is, it’s not nearly as disturbing as the haunting visions she has daily.

Although Jacob & her friends have tried their best to help her reconnect to her world, she knows there is something, right outside her grasp, that she desperately needs to remember. Her only ‘memories’ are ones she’s told she should have. When your whole world is a narrative told to you, how do you know what is true & what isn’t?

A. J. Banner gained my respect with her first novel, ‘The Good Neighbor’. She has an amazing ability to write suspense. With that said, I was slightly skeptical about the synopsis. It seems we’ve been inundated ,in the past year,with fiction about female leads who’ve lost their memories in one fashion or another.

I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the plot took. There were many different directions it could have gone & I’m glad that A.J. Banner chose a fresh, new path. As for the characters, none of them are cut & dry. In fact, if looked at with a cynical mind, any one of them could be up to no good. That’ what makes a great edge-of-your seat thriller.

I continue to be a fan of her work and with fantastic, 4 star novels like ‘Twilight Wife’, she will solidify her status as a best-selling author.

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