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Giveaways 1/31: Farewell to January

You know the drill! January is almost gone & February is on its way in. We have a lot of sweeps ending & new ones starting. I try to weed them out but if I miss any, my apologies. Have a blessed & winning February!
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Smoked Gouda Murder: Patti Benning

Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria #5

Thanksgiving will be memorable for Ellie this year. Her Nonna takes a nasty fall that lands her in the hospital & she, along with Shannon, witnesses a murder right in front of her pizzeria. Thinking it was going to be a holiday to be thankful for her blessings, it ends up becoming one where she’ll be thankful she’s lived through.

Now that they’ve been front & center for the crime, the ladies are in quite a bit of danger. Ellie will have to stay alert while keeping a watchful eye on Nonna.

For the most part, the first 4 books were great. I was invested in the series. This installment made me second guess my choice. Patti Benning has been pretty good about quality plots and mysteries that made sense. Not only did this mystery not make sense, but then Nonna’s fall was thrown in.

Mostly the book was scattered, lacking it’s series’ usual appeal. Hopefully, in the next installment, Ellie will get her groove back along with her author. I have to give this one two stars and a huge sigh of disappointment.

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Giveaways 1/25

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