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Maple Frosted Murder: Susan Gillard

‘A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Book 2’

Heather Janke, owner of Donut Delights, tries to be a positive member of her community. Regardless, every town has that one person who is just miserable all the time. Stan Dombrowski is that type of person. Envious of Heather’s success and perfect donuts, Stan, who owns a donut franchise, tries to make her life miserable at every turn.

Evidently, he had that effect on a lot of people. While sad, it isn’t a shock when Stan’s corpse is found in his freezer. Of course, Heather was the last person he’d had public contact with so she’s back on the suspect list. Detective Shepherd knows how determined Heather is so the 2 of them join forces to find out who put Stan on ice- literally.

‘Maple Frosted’ is an absolute redemption for this series. While Susan Gillard had all the makings of a hit series, editing woes & minimal character development held it back in the first book. Those items have been remedied. The plot flowed nicely and Heather’s lenient take on the legal system is better explained.

We get to see her in more of a heroine’s role and the supporting characters play a more substantial role as well. While it isn’t billed as a Christmas mystery, the holiday is mentioned in the form of her White Christmas Donut. My only question was to the title. Being that her Ice Cream Sundae Donut was mentioned more than any other, I don’t understand the ‘Maple Frosted’ title. Regardless of its name, Susan Gillard has written a 4 star sequel.

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