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Strawberry Cream Murder: Susan Gillard

‘A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery’ Book 1

Heather Janke is the owner/operator of ‘Donut Delights’, a gourmet donut shop. She’s had some ups & downs recently. The biggest downer was having her assistant steal her family donut recipes and then open her own shop. As mad as this made Heather, she wasn’t mad enough to kill her ex-employee. However, someone else was.

An unexpected visit from hunky Detective Shepherd reveals that Christa Fordyce was found, dead in her own shop. The only clue seems to be a partial eaten cream donut next to her body. Christa wasn’t well liked, but Heather still feels compelled to find out the truth. Being that they were now competitors and enemies, she’s at the top of the police suspect pool. Heather won’t take it lying down and jumps headfirst into solving the crime herself.

I’m enjoying the ‘Donut Hole’ series. This first outing, though it is a great cozy mystery, is wrought with errors. Editors were definitely not on their A-game for Susan Gillard. However, these errors have no baring on the quality of the material.

The plot is in keeping with the culinary theme most cozies use. However, the murder & characters are a fresh take on this tradition. Heather works well as a main character and is more believable as a flawed, late-sleeping bakery owner. I will definitely be continuing on & am pleased to see it is a multi-installment series. It’s 3 stars from me.


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