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The Mud Pie Muderess: Stacey Alabaster

Rachel has been running herself ragged trying to make her bakery a success. Usually, her best friend, Pippa, is by her side. But, Pippa is sidelined with an illness. Having to hire and train a new employee to cover her sick friend is stressful for Rachel. However, things are about to get a bit worse.
Olive Styles is embroiled in a close mayoral race. She & some companions pop into Rachel’s bakery for a snack. Wanting to impress the candidate, Chloe, the new girl, serves Olivia a Mud Pie. Soon after, Olive collapses, dead. The mudpie couldn’t be to blame, could it?
Once again, our baker extraordinaire is caught up in a who-dunnit. Politics is often a nasty business and Rachel learns how many enemies Olive appeared to have. From her competitor in the mayoral race to her own daughter, Olive had some issues. With a death happening in her own store, it becomes a personal mission for Rachel. This is one murder she has to solve.
‘Mudpie’ is another super addition to the series. Even though she’s not well, our dynamic duo of Rachel & Pippa, work together to crack the case. This book has a few twists & turns that readers may not see coming which is always a huge plus in a mystery.
Stacey Alabaster does a fantastic job continuing to develop her main characters while still supplying readers with a quality, cozy mystery. As usual, she delivers a 4 star book.

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