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The Game You Played: Anni Taylor

Two year old Tommy Basko disappeared from a playground. No one saw a thing even his mother who was sitting right next to him. Phoebe & Luke have to live in the 6 months that he’s been gone. How do you put the pieces back together when you have no idea what’s happened to your baby?

Unexpectedly, a letter shows up in their mailbox. Inside is a rhyme that chills the blood. When 2 more letters follow, it’s obvious to Phoebe that someone, somewhere knows what happened to Tommy.
Despite the reservations everyone around her feels, Phoebe begins investigating the letters on her own. She could never have prepared for what she’ll find.

Holy cow! This book is a literal, mind-blowing carnival ride. Easily, this is the best book I’ve read this year. Although, at times, it becomes a little wordy, Anni Taylor’s debut novel is a huge hit for her. It’s been a while that a book completely grabbed my attention & made me desperate to keep reading. That’s impressive.

In the course of the plot, Taylor also tackles mental illness, substance abuse, & media bias. She’s crafted it in such a way that there isn’t a judgmental tone. It’s simply discussed within the confines of the plot and the people involved. Every character in this novel can be imagined as a suspect. Multiple times I was thrilled to believe I had it solved until to turn the next page & have my entire theory debunked.
Brilliant characters, unending twists, & a tremendous plot made ‘The Game You Played’ a 5 star novel. I highly recommend it & certainly hope Ms. Taylor is inspired to write another, equally spot-on novel.


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