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Rest, Relaxation, & Murder: Stacey Alabaster

Hardworking bakery duo Rachel & Pippa have decided to take some time off. Leaving Pippa’s new husband, Marcello, behind, they head off for a week of R & R. ‘Paradise Retreat’ promises sand, trees, and fun. With these two involved, though, the vacation is bound to be quiet.

Soon after their arrival, they become aware that the retreat’s chef is missing. Things don’t improve when she’s found- dead. Now the retreat’s residents are a resort full of suspects. Far from home and with only each other to depend on, Pippa & Rachel need to stay safe. Never one to stay out of the fray, Rachel takes it upon herself to solve the crime.

‘Rest’ is a fun story with Rachel & Pippa doing what they do best. Their antics never get old & trouble finds them wherever they roam. In this installment, they are reminiscent of Laverne & Shirley as they scope the scene. It has a lot of humor & a pretty decent mystery, too.

I remain a solid fan of the series and this installment reminds me of why I keep reading. It’s a four star cozy mystery.


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