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Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?: A. James Kolar

I remember the first time I became acquainted with this case. Geraldo Rivera, who had his own talk show at that time, devoted an entire show to the coverage. At that time, a number of things struck me as odd involving the entire scenario. But, I didn’t have an extensive amount of knowledge regarding the case. I just knew something was just not right.

As time went on and most of us were at the mercy of media coverage, perhaps, like me, you only heard little bits about the case here & there. Seeing that beautiful little girl’s picture was hard to forget. Many people believed the theory of an intruder. Otherwise, perhaps you had a feeling it was an immediate family member. All most of us really knew was that it was a gruesome crime and quite unsettling.

Throughout the news cycles, I was aware that the Boulder Police Department took a pounding from armchair detectives and media alike. Folks dissected their every move and believed the investigation was ‘botched’. But, was it really? Or were we mislead but not having all the facts?

Personally, I had my own opinion on who I believed had killed JonBenet. I had felt it from day 1. Never before had I had actual basis for this opinion, but having read ‘Foreign Faction’, I felt validated that A. James Kolar agreed with me (so to speak). In his book, he gives readers a comprehensive, in-depth view of the case. Having been a hands-on investigator in the D.A.’s office, he is well equipped to inform us of all the ins & outs.

What I truly appreciated was that while he knew most of the facts, when he took over the case, he started from square one. Re-reading all the materials, he was completely unbiased and open to any possibility. For the purpose of not spoiling anything for future readers, I will refrain from including too many details about his conclusion. However, I will say that he left no stone unturned, proving himself to be a thorough & dedicated investigator.

If you are at all curious about the Ramsey case, or if you truly enjoy a true life crime drama, ‘Foreign Faction’ is perfect for you. It contains all the elements of a terrific fictional thriller, except it’s all true. Details are not pretty, but the case was traumatic. The book is well-organized, well thought out and most of all, honest. Draw your own theory as the author suggests. But, give ‘Foreign Faction’ a read first. I give it a full 5 stars.


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