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Death by Chocolate Cake: Stacey Alabaster

A Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery #3

We join our baking duo in the midst of a very busy time. Belldale is now participating in the reality tv boom by hosting, Baking Warriors. Just as the name suggests, it’s a baking competition. Run in a similar fashion to ‘American Idol’, three judges taste contestants’ baked goods and either let them continue competing or send them packing. Bakery owner, Rachel, has been asked to compete.

In true television fashion, there are two lovely judges and one nasty one. Although Rachel knows she’s a good baker, she loses her confidence when Pierre, the nasty judge, gives her less than stellar comments. However, all that falls away when Pierre is discovered dead during show breaks.

Suspects are everywhere. Between a stressed assistant, disgruntled contestants, and other co-workers, Pierre’s pretty much offended everyone. True, Rachel just went there to bake, but she can’t help herself. Soon, she’s off to solve another crime. Normally, Pippa would be attached to her hip. Things have changed a bit, though. Returning from vacation, Pippa arrives with a different type of souvenir a husband! Oh, dear. Never a dull moment!

‘Death by Chocolate’ is a great mystery that utilizes reality tv popularity. I found the entire plot to be a lot of fun. Rachel & Pippa are a terrific duo with amazing problem solving capabilities. I love that they’re forever getting themselves caught up in messes.

This particular installment combines the mystery with Pippa’s marriage. Only Pippa could find a husband in 3 weeks and boy is he something! I’m glad a found a quality series that doesn’t get boring or run out of ideas. So far, each has been fresh & fun. I’ve even read them out-of-order & they’re fine to stand alone. I give this one a 4 star rating too and I’m looking forward to the next book.

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