Bacon Cheddar Murder: Patti Benning

Book 2 in Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series

After moving back to her childhood home, Ellie Pacelli is finally settling in. Under her management, Papa Pacelli’s is finally turning a profit, she’s reconnected with her Nonna, & become a part of the community once more. In fact, she & her best friend, Shannon, are closer than they’d ever been. That’s a good thing, considering their friendship is about to be stretched to its limit.

Shannon abruptly appears at Ellie’s back door late one night. Covered in blood, she seeks Ellie’s help. She’d been covertly meeting a source for a big story she was working on. As a local reporter, she wanted to tackle a story that was edgy. How was she to know that meeting her acquaintance, Anthony, in the wooded area behind Ellie’s home would get him killed? Whatever Tony wanted to tell Shannon must have been awfully important to someone.

Despite having the Sheriff for her brother-in-law, Shannon is the obvious number one suspect. No one really believes it was her, but she is the only witness. To make matters worse, Tony’s body has disappeared! When Ellie returned to Kittiport, she thought it’d be a quiet return. Now, she’s got a second murder to solve.

‘Bacon’ is a sequel that is as good as its predecessor. Patti Benning keeps the main characters on a steady path while introducing a few, unknown residents. We see Ellie grow a bit as a character and she becomes an even more likeable heroine. Readers will connect with her as she works hard to make her small business a success. I’ve become a fan of the two animal characters, Bunny & Marlowe, who need to have their own crime fighting series. They’re adorable.

I appreciate that she works within the confines of the law and solves the murders by working with the police rather than making them seem like a bunch of nitwits.

I truly hope Ms. Benning will continue with this series. She really has a good thing going and it could definitely be a huge success for her. As with the first in the series, this one is a 4 star book.


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