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Candy Corn Crime: Grace Lemon

Oh Fudge Cozy Mystery #2

Ida Noe, fudge maker extraordinaire, has excitedly crafted 2 brand new fudge flavors for Halloween. Happy to showcase her candy to trick-or-treaters, she plans for the holiday. When a local blogger requests a large order of the newest fudge, she obliges. After all, Dandy’s entire blog is dedicated to plus-size beauties who love sweets.

But, when Dandy is discovered dead in her home, Halloween takes a more sinister turn. Being that she was the last one to see Dandy alive, Ida tops the suspect list. As she’s done before, she puts on her amateur detective hat to investigate for herself. Who would want to kill a food blogger? Apparently, quite a few people.

Not everyone in town thinks Dandy is a sweetheart. She’s made enemies in the blogging world & around their town. If she wants to clear her name, Ida needs to put aside her fudge business & ger her hands dirty.

Ida, who is part Miss Marple & part Betty Crocker, has become one of my favorite senior citizen heroines. I love her spunk and that she knows her limitations (physically & legally). ‘Candy’ is a great read. I’ve enjoyed the series so far and certainly hope it continues.

Grace Lemon, although utilizing food in cozy mysteries isn’t new, has crafted the mystery portion with fresh ideas. Using a blogger as a victim was a smart way to go. As we meet more characters in the series, we realize that Cider Island is as complex as any other town.

With its Halloween theme, ‘Candy Corn Crime’ is the perfect pick for this time of year. I give it 4 stars.

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