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The Stones Cry Out: Sibella Giorello

The Raleigh Harmon Mystery Series #1

It’s a story that could’ve headlined any newspaper, in any town in the US. Two men were dead. One a policeman, one civilian. The policeman was Caucasian. The civilian was African-American. Both men had families and both those families want answers. Each family believes it was the other man’s fault. However, this case isn’t even close to ‘cut and dry’. These men, both victims, fell from the roof of an abandoned warehouse. Now, the questions is, did they stumble or did one push the other before he fell himself?

FBI Special Agent Raleigh Harmon has been given specific orders about the case. It’s a civil rights case which she is to close as quickly & quietly as possible. Gather facts, write a report, & walk away. Raleigh was fine with that until she realized this was way more than a civil rights investigation. Facts emerge, tempers flare, and soon it’s apparent that something is very wrong with the case as a whole.

Fighting against a political machine, driving her mother to and from Church, and fighting her own issues from her past won’t stop Raleigh. She needs & wants to find out the truth of what happened on the roof that day.

‘Stones’ is an amazing story full of mystery & family struggles. If one didn’t know they were reading a fiction book, it could pass as non-fiction. It’s that real. Raleigh has a heart of gold and nerves of steel. She’s that loveable, nose-to-the-grindstone heroine who reminds a reader of Olivia from Law & ORder: SVU.

Combining Christian undertones within the plot gives it an extra bonus & another reason to respect our main character. My only complaint was the excessive amount of historical facts given in regards to the setting. Everywhere the characters went launched another litany of facts about the town’s history. Without that, it was perfect. I give it 4 stars and hope to read more of the series.

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