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Astray in Couper: R. Marquez

Matty Cruz Adventure Book 1

Moving to Couper, Washington was supposed to be peaceful for Matty Cruz. She didn’t do her homework. Thinking she’d left her drama-filled moments behind her, she mistakenly picked a town with one of the highest violent-crime ratings in the Pacific Northwest. Soon, she’s couch-bound in her bathrobe, moping over her life.

All that changes for Matty when a grungy little dog appears on her doorstep. Believing that it’s her civic duty to find the pooch a home, Matty begins a search into it’s story. Quickly, she finds it belonged to an elderly woman who died in a house fire the night before. As she delves deeper, it’s obvious that there’s a whole lot to uncover about the dog’s previous family.

Now, a search for a fur-ever home becomes a search for a killer.
Matty Cruz is an unlikely heroine. She never intended to be one. Perhaps that’s her appeal. Her back story of losing her job and all she knew just makes her more endearing to readers. The dog in the story has to be considered a character, too. I loved the various names that Matty calls her before she discovers its real name. I have to admit that I’d have probably done the same thing.
I can also see myself abruptly uprooting and moving into a town I know nothing about just because it’s pretty. I can’t fault her there, either. Needless to say, I related to Matty!
The plot was quite original and for a cozy mystery, there’s a great story packed into the pages. I enjoyed it and would definitely keep going with her adventures. I give it 4 stars.

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