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Missing in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

Missing in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon
A Christmas Cozy Mystery: Book 9
Decades ago, legendary bank robber, Christmas Flynn, was wounded in the Cascade Mountains. Legend has it that he hid his last heist somewhere there before dying. No one knows for sure. Theories are plentiful. Books are written on the topic. No evidence suggests he was ever in the Cascades, died, or made it out.

Having completed a summer full of promoting her pie shop, Cinnamon Peters-Brightman is finally getting a break. Her plans are to spend time with her husband, Sheriff Daniel, tend to her pie shop in Christmas River, and relax. Life has different plans.

Soon after returning home, Daniel’s best friend, Wes, & his wife, Angie, decide to follow Wes’s obsession & trace Christmas Flynn’s last journey. Wes is convinced he’ll be a millionaire in an instant once he finds the treasure. But, after their return time comes & goes with a sign of them, Daniel knows he needs to go after his friends.

With Cinnamon playing a supporting role in the search, they follow all the clues that books & townspeople have regarding the legend. As experienced climbers, the duo should have easily made the trek & returned. Unless something bad has happened. Can the Brightman’s save the day?

After completing Book 8, I anxiously waited for this one. However, I was disappointed. For whatever reason, it lacked the excitement the first 8 held. Whether the author is running out of steam for the series or it just didn’t work, I don’t know. I love the series & Cinnamon has always been a terrific character.
The whole plot & many new Christmas River residents that we had no idea even existed just didn’t seem to mesh together well enough. I will wait with hope for Book 10 to return to its winning ways. I won’t give up yet. But, this outing is a 3 star book to me.

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