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Footprints in the Frosting: Laura Paulding

Footprints in the Frosting: Laura Paulding
Holly Hart Cozy Mystery #1

Cheesecake. Just Cheesecake. When Holly Hart moved away from her home & family, the reason was ‘Just Cheesecake’. Besides sounding appetizing, it’s what she’s decided to name her brand, new bakery.
She & Muffins, her dog, (why his name isn’t cheesecake, too is not my business) have decided on a small town – Fairview. Holly’s all set for her grand opening. Not a single thing is left to do, except find a corpse in her kitchen.

Her day had already begun wrong when Muffins decided to bolt out the front door. While on the hunt for her doggie, she noticed her new bakery was no longer secured. That’s when she discovered a local, Ralph, deceased & facedown in a cheesecake.

Now her new biz is at a standstill as part of a police investigation. With nothing else to occupy her, Holly begins to nose around. Being that she knows no one in town, she’ll need to be alert & discerning. But, that means sifting through the crazy ct lady, a nosey reporter, the wealthiest family in town, and a competing bakery a few doors from her new place.

Can Holly-and Muffins- crack the case open like a raw egg?

I’ll admit that I didn’t hold out much hope for this cozy. Perhaps I was swayed by the bakery angle that is in basically every cozy mystery. Regardless, this book turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
Holly doesn’t come across as a dimwitted aspiring chef. Instead, she’s a lady with a past & a bit of a chip on her shoulder. But, the winner of favorite character must go to the crazy cat lady, Charlene. She stole the show. With her gang of fellow mystery book lovers & her penchant for wearing abnormal attire, she has a certain appeal.
Considering I was wrong on my assumptions, I am going to continue on with the series in hopes that the author will continue to prove me wrong. The first installment of the Holly Hart series is a 4 star book.

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