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Clifton Manor: Episode 6: Victoria Spencer

Episode 6 of 6

Here we go! The ‘Season finale’ ! Hopefully, we’ll get serious answers to our questions. Lady Jane’s wedding has finally arrived. All the household prep & Jane’s behind the scenes shenanigans are about to pay off. Or are they?

Gladys & Nicholas get to spend some quality time together. Is their beginning courtship about to go to the next level? Lady Elizabeth is giving Lord Simon a second chance. Is he really different or a stuffy Lord in disguise? James is still playing wolf in sheep’s clothing with Anna. Will his plan to advance his own best interests work? Anna is seeing him through rose-colored glasses. Can she see the truth before it’s too late?

George has had enough of the Americans trying to steal his family home. Leaving his father in the dark, George makes an appointment to confront the businessmen face to face. Can he save the Manor from catastrophe? All these unanswered questions plus a wedding day no one will ever forget come together to end Season 1.

Victoria Spencer has done an excellent job of creating a plot & characters that readers can care about. Better than the majority of television shows nowadays, ‘Clifton Manor’ gave us juicy, bite-sized episodes. Each installment made me want to read the next. I will sorely disappointed if there is no second season!

Like the episodes before it, I give it 4 stars. It is everything a cliffhanger episode should be.

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Clifton Manor: Episode 5: Victoria Spencer

Episode 5 of 6 Book Series

Things are running on high-octane at The Manor. Lady Elizabeth receives some better new regarding Lord Simon, thanks to Gladys. George is now back in the swing of things and even more alarmed by hs father’s rash decision-making. Both siblings are completely perplexed by their sister, Jane’s, behavior. As Elizabeth fills George in on what happened during their trip to London, he agrees that something is amiss.

Speaking of Jane, her upcoming wedding is sooner than she’d like. For her sake, she hopes all her devious hard work will pay off. Meanwhile Anna, still a bit torn between George & James, assists George with the financial records once more. Numbers don’t wash and George fears the worst. But, Anna leaves the numbers game to George as she begins an investigation of her own. The ‘locked door’ is driving her crazy & she must find out the meaning behind it. For quite some time, it’s been forbidden and Anna decides it’s been locked long enough. What is behind the door?

Samuel jumps from being Jane’s lackey to Lord Masterson’s valet. Put in position via Lady Jane, he has a sinister job to do. But is Lord Masterson dense enough to let it happen right under his nose? What of young Tommy who abruptly appeared at the Manor’s door? We know a but of his background, but why was his mother compelled to send him there?

Family matters are front & center in this episode. With only one episode remaining in the season, we’ve got serious loose ends to tie up. I’d have loved to see this installment go much longer in anticipation of Book 6. But, suspense is golden & this one has plenty.

It’s a well done cliffhanger before the cliffhanger ending you could say. I give it 4 stars and am keeping fingers crossed for a season 2.