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Better Headphones For a Better Listening Experience

When I find a company- a good company- I always feel compelled to share. This is absolutely the case with Gangster Headphones.

A Nevada-based audio business, I was fortunate enough to come in contact with them. Their G Series headphones will blow your mind. First, I love the rose gold color. It’s unisex and literally matches with any outfit (like a good piece of jewelry). With their trademark ‘G’ on the side, it’s clear which headphones you’re sporting. Personally, I like these ‘G’ series headphones (and their price tag!) better than other comparable brands’. They’re really light to wear, as light as ear buds. They’re not bulky like some models that make you feel like an air traffic controller!

But, the best part of Gangster is its people. It’s been quite some time since I encountered a company who’s employees were so passionate about their work. While they are most definitely making high-quality audio equipment, their customer service may well be what will skyrocket Gangster to the top of its field.

The Gangster team was sincerely interested in my feedback and making sure the product arrived on time & perfect. It did! Not only on time, but EARLIER than expected by at least a day. After shipping, they emailed to make sure I knew they’d shipped and requested I let them know when they arrived. Now, that’s a company that cares!

So many companies that were once ‘little guys’ forget their roots. I get the feeling that no matter how successful they become (& believe me- they will be successful), they will always remember their customers & where they started.
Great company, great prices, great product, that about says it all, doesn’t it.

Please visit them (holidays are coming) here:
*These are my opinions. It is not a sponsored post/review.


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