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Healthy Snacking with Hope Hummus

How much do you know about hummus? It may not be the first item that you think of when someone mentions snack food. But, if you’ve never tried hummus or it’s been awhile since you’ve had it, you may want to give Hope Foods a try. With their variety of flavors, there’s basically a flavor to appeal to every taste.
We sampled 4 different flavors- Thai Coconut Curry, Original, Dark Chocolate, & Spicy Avocado. For the sampling, we tried each with pretzels and with pita chips. Only my husband had eaten hummus prior. I’ve always encouraged our boys to try new foods. Whether at home or at restaurants, I love for them to leave their food comfort zones & expand their palates. After trying all 4, we decided as a group that Dark Chocolate got our vote as family favorite.

All Hope Foods Hummus is vegan & gluten-free so even with the word chocolate in its name, you can be confident in what the kiddos are eating. You’ll notice on the labels that the word ‘organic’ appears often. With parental fears about pesticides and other not-good-for-you plant treatments, organic is always the best choice for ingredients.

Now, if you have picky eaters or they balk at the consistency of hummus, all is not lost. On, there are a host of great recipes & snack ideas. Personally, I was shocked at the number of dessert recipes. Who knew that hummus could be added to a cake recipe? Original and The Thai Coconut Curry can be used to make a unique dressing.

WIth a little imagination, hummus can be easily integrated into your snacking routine. Visit for full product info, recipes, and store locator.
*We received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. Pics belong to Hope Foods ONLY.hope-singles

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