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Doodle Games Activity Book: Joe Rhatigan

Every year, without fail, we encounter times when we need something to do that isn’t electronic. Most of the time it’s during State testing for school. Word jumbles & crosswords can be fun for a while, but get monotonous. This year, we’ll be using ‘Doodle Games’.

Although the word ‘games’ is a part of the title, there is no need for competition. Open-ended, interactive games & challenges allow the fun without all the ‘rules’. A father himself, Joe Rhatigan has certainly tapped into ways to keep kids occupied in a creative way.

Our favorite section was ‘Face-Off’ where players drawn in a character’s face based off the situation listed. For example, to draw a face of someone who has a dragon flying over her head. Kids can exercise their creativity using only a pencil & their brains. It’s nice to see an activity that they can do without having to click their mouse.

By using a pencil, they can erase anything they’ve drawn previously & do it all over again. With a current price of $7.95, it is absolutely worth the money. Geared for ages 8 and older, it’s the perfect time-filler that still has them using their brains. Plus, it incorporates art and encourages creative thinking.

Find out more info & ordering details at
*We received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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