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The Back Road: Rachel Abbott

Willow Farm holds nothing but bad memories for Leo, but her sister, Ellie, has renovated their childhood home. When Leo pops in for an impromptu visit, she’s expecting to confront some bad memories. What she never expected was to walk into the mystery of a lifetime.

On the night Leo arrives, Ellie & her husband, Max, are hosting a dinner party. All are couples except for new neighbor, Tom. It’s supposed to be a typical get together. Excluding Tom, the couples have all known each other a very long time. None of them knows each other as well they think.

The main topic of conversation is Abbie, a young girl, hit by a car on The Back Road & left for dead. Their village is small. Who would do such a thing? Small towns are hotbeds for secrets and this one is no exception. Each of the people at Ellie’s has something he or she is trying to hide. Several of them traveled that same road the night Abbie was hit for reasons they don’t care to admit.

More than one of them is having an affair. Dirty deals are being made. Blackmail is being utilized. But, is there really someone in their crew who would leave a child to die? Finger pointing begins and lifelong friendships are coming into question. Abbie’s life hangs in limbo while she’s in a coma & police struggle to find the culprit.

Days progress as does the gossip. Secrets are being unearthed as the result of one unfortunate accident. Clues are surfacing and someone is getting nervous. How far will they go to protect their own best interests?

‘The Back Road’ is the first book I’d read by Rachel Abbott. While it was a bit wordy in spots, I found it to be quite intriguing. By 3/4 of the novel, I had most of it figured out, but the end was still a bit of a surprise.

All of the characters are believable and ‘real’. Coming from a fairly small town myself, it makes you want to eyeball everyone you know. There’s a touch of violence & sexuality, but I doubt that today’s reader would be at all shocked by it. You’ve probably seen much worse in prime time television then you’ll read here.

The plot was well though out & well-written. It’s a great mystery. I give it a 4 star rating.


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