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Clifton Manor: Episode 4: Victoria Spencer

Episode 4 of 6 in ‘Clifton Manor’ Series

Clifton Manor is in peril. With the absence of Lord George, Lord Jonathan Clifton has decided that he needs to take all financial responsibilities upon himself. Unfortunately, this means meeting with Carlton Developments. But is Lord Clifton wise enough to negotiate with the savvy Americans?

Elizabeth has received a second letter from George. While in America, he’s learn some terrible details about Carlton Developments. Knowing his youngest sister can be trusted, he begs her to keep a watch on the Manor. Meanwhile, Anna is concerned about George coming home. HAving promised to rush back to the Manor, Anna knows she’ll have to confront the situation very soon.

However, she’s concerned about Miss Layton’s behavior. Mrs. Wilson & Mr. Beckett have been watching Miss Layton. When Anna decides to follow her into the village, things just become more confusing. Gladys has serious concerns, too. Lady Elizabeth has been told to prepare for a visit from the Tatherwicks. To her credit, Elizabeth has hatched a plan to rid herself og the vile Lord Simon. Although still worried, Gladys knows the young lady can handle herself.

James, who had appeared to be Anna’s beau, is beginning to show his truer colors. Believing that Isaac isn’t progressing fast enough, he convinces Jessica to assist in a dastardly scheme. Speaking of schemes, it seems Lady Jane & Samuel are hatching a doozy of a plan, too. Life with Lord Robert is too much for Jane to bear. She’s decided that she’d much rather be a widow.

Romance, murder, & locked doors are all on the agenda at Clifton Manor in this episode. As we near the finale, more & more is revealed about the characters & their intentions. Episode 4 is a solid, 4 starĀ installment that adds to the mystery while revealing just enough to keep us hooked. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode, but the reader in me desperately wants to skip to the finale! I won’t, but it’s tempting.


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