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Clifton Manor: Episode 3: Victoria Spencer

Episode 3 of 6

Lady Elizabeth has headed off to London with her sister, Jane. Although Jane’s story about visiting cousins seems to have satisfied the family in general, Elizabeth isn’t buying it. She has decided to tail Jane through the city to see who it is that she’s really visiting. What awaits Elizabeth in London, though, we far exceed simply spying on Jane.

Everyone has been walking on eggshells, waiting for word from George. While James has been a welcome distraction, Anna still finds herself thinking of him often. Unfortunately, Elizabeth isn’t too keen on James & resents Anna’s relationship with him. If George returns, what will Anna do? More pressing household matters force her to put these thoughts aside. Miss Layton has gone AWOL & Anna will have no choice but to step up in her absence.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned (in Episode 2) that George is indeed alive & well. Having arrived in New York, he’s been staying with a lovely couple. With a hazy memory, the one thing he hasn’t remembered is Anna. America is a whole new world, literally, & opportunities abound. He is seriously considering staying in America. Can a Lord from England make it as a laborer in NY?

Poor Gladys has more irons in the fire than she could possibly imagine. Mr. Chadwick becomes ill & his duties of carrying for Lady Clifton’s ill father fall on her. Lord Marshall has always been found on Gladys & is happy to see her. But, after just a short time, Gladys begins to feel that something more than a simple illness is plaguing him. As he floats in & out of consciousness, he mentions things that Gladys wasn’t meant to hear.

Add to it that a surprise visitor arrives at Clifton Manor & Episode 3 is full of bomb shells.


This episode is definitely closer to a soap opera than the previous 2. There are a few iffy moments regarding Isaac again. But, given that his character is a bit sleazy, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Elizabeth in London was a nice twist. I’m curious to see where that storyline goes. George is again the center with the other characters revolving around him. Whether or not he remains in America, his family needs him & he will obviously play a pivotal role.

I’m enjoying the series & will definitely continue. I give it 4 stars.




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