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Clifton Manor: Episode 2: Victoria Spencer

Book 2 of 6 in The Clifton Manor Series

April 1912 is a well-known period mostly due to its association with the Titanic. In Episode 2, we have our dear Lord George boarding the vessel for its maiden (& only) voyage. George’s intent was to travel to America in order to investigate some family matters. Historically, we do know there were survivors. Here in a fictional world, is George going to be one of them?

Isaac Sterling was quickly introduced during the first episode. This episode features him purposely putting himself in danger during a hunting trip. While out with Jane’s fiancée, Robert, as well as Lord Clifton, Issac is shot in the arm by a drunken Robert. Milking his injury for all it’s worth, Isaac finds it has endeared him the household. Although we don’t know exactly what Isaac is up to, there’s no doubt he will take full advantage.

Anna Holden continues to pine for George. Internally, she is struggling with her feelings towards him. On the outside, she tries to maintain proper decorum in the house. Once word of the Titanic tragedy hits the Manor though, she is unable to hide her grief.

Distraction for Anna arrives in the form of James. With unexplained ties to Isaac, James as begun working at the Manor. Unable to deny his physical attributes, Anna decides to at least befriend James in George’s absence. Given the social issues and class separations, is fantasizing about a life with George even realistic?

For the first time, we ae treated to an in-depth look at Lord Clifton. Man of the Manor that he is, his role has been in name only so far. Now we see a father, worried for his son, fed up with the women of the house’s greediness, trying to play fair to both sides. Weighed down with the current sate of things, he turns to an old friend for a bit of guidance as we see the further extent of Lord Clifton’s depression.

Lady Elizabeth, as third child, has been singled out by Lady Clifton. As he mother, she is taking it upon her self to find Elizabeth a suitable mate. Fully believing that Elizabeth is incapable of doing so on her own, Simon Tatherwick is chosen for Elizabeth. Unfortunately, he isn’t exactly a gem. When he & Gladys have a nasty run-in, Gladys will need to decide whether to disobey Lady Clifton for Elizabeth’s sake or to ‘know her place’.

Episode 3 will hopefully shine light on George’s fate, Isaac’s motives, & the romantic lives of the residents of Clifton Manor.

Lord George is definitely the center piece of the episode. Everyone in the Manor is attached to everyone else so George’s fate affects them all. I’m not sure how to feel about Anna & her man problems. In this era, social standing was the most important thing in life. I can understand her feelings. But, the romantic in us all want her to end up with George.

Sensitive readers should note that Gladys & Simon’s meeting does turn a bit sexual (not in a good way). There is a bit of sexuality regarding Isaac as well. None of it is graphic or too out there, but it is mentioned nonetheless. I continue to be intrigued by the series & will be continuing on to the end. I have no idea if it will be continued with a Season 2. I didn’t see it listed on Amazon. This Episode is a 4 stars from me.

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