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Giveaways 9/30

September is over. Wow, super quick. As always, the end of the month & beginning of the new month will see a TON of ending & beginning sweeps. I try to weed them out, but if I miss any, my apologies. Have a terrific & Winning October!!

Frisch’s Big Boy 10/31

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S.T.E.M. in Action With Stomp Rocket

S.T.E.M. or Science, Technology, Engineering & Math, is an integral part of most curriculums. If your family homeschools & you’re looking for an interactive way to teach S.T.E.M., consider ‘Stomp Rocket’.

What I like most about the rocket is that it’s kid-powered. They step on the ‘launchpad’ causing the rocket to fly. I’ll say they go a bit further than I thought they would! In fact, Buster ended up fetching the rockets for us. Needless to say, this is a good activity to tire out the younger ones (& parents). While I highly recommend using them outside, if you have a sizeable playroom or basement, you can probably use them there too. Unless you have a ceiling fan or low hanging lights.

Launching the rocket demonstrates trajectory, force & gravity. Science in a book is great; science in action is better. There’s a reason scientists like Bill Nye are popular. Plus, it can turn into a full-blown phys ed class. All that running, especially if your dog won’t fetch like Buster did, is great cardio.

Being that each rocket comes equipped with an LED light, students can utilize it outside when their day is done. LED lights are environmentally friendly. I learned via Stomp Rocket that LED lights are more efficient than either fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. For older students, the LED lights can become a lesson on light and the launchpad can be a lesson on air-power. Believe me, I have an 8th grader who had a blast shooting the rockets. I did too. It was definitely a fun way to talk science.

Assembly was super easy. Actually, our 13-year-old put it together without the directions. My only concern for little ones & animals is the bolt that attaches the hose to the stand. If you don’t think your kiddos are old enough, save a hassle & put it together yourself. The bolt could scrape their hands if you aren’t careful.
img_0270The rockets themselves will cause no harm. They’re soft like a Nerf dart and even when they’re descending, they won’t cause any pain. I can say this because we both got caught on the receiving end of the rocket. Do be careful if your dog is a chewer. If we hadn’t got them immediately back from Buster, he’d have eaten them for sure!
The lights really add something special. Maybe it’s the kid in all of us who just likes things that light up. Regardless, it looks really cool in the evening when they fly through the air. With the Ultra LED Stomp Rocket Kit, there are 4 rockets included so if you do it fast enough you can have a light show of sorts!
img_0284 I’m not sure about the life of the Launchpad. It seems to lose some strength if stomping becomes overzealous. We definitely put a dent in ours & we really weren’t abusing it. I’d recommend not letting the kids get too rough with it or you may need a new one.
You can purchase Stomp Rocket at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods Store or visit to see the wonderful awards Stomp Rocket has earned and find out full product line info.
*Pics belong to Stomp Rockets & DMO3, respectively. We received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Better Headphones For a Better Listening Experience

When I find a company- a good company- I always feel compelled to share. This is absolutely the case with Gangster Headphones.

A Nevada-based audio business, I was fortunate enough to come in contact with them. Their G Series headphones will blow your mind. First, I love the rose gold color. It’s unisex and literally matches with any outfit (like a good piece of jewelry). With their trademark ‘G’ on the side, it’s clear which headphones you’re sporting. Personally, I like these ‘G’ series headphones (and their price tag!) better than other comparable brands’. They’re really light to wear, as light as ear buds. They’re not bulky like some models that make you feel like an air traffic controller!

But, the best part of Gangster is its people. It’s been quite some time since I encountered a company who’s employees were so passionate about their work. While they are most definitely making high-quality audio equipment, their customer service may well be what will skyrocket Gangster to the top of its field.

The Gangster team was sincerely interested in my feedback and making sure the product arrived on time & perfect. It did! Not only on time, but EARLIER than expected by at least a day. After shipping, they emailed to make sure I knew they’d shipped and requested I let them know when they arrived. Now, that’s a company that cares!

So many companies that were once ‘little guys’ forget their roots. I get the feeling that no matter how successful they become (& believe me- they will be successful), they will always remember their customers & where they started.
Great company, great prices, great product, that about says it all, doesn’t it.

Please visit them (holidays are coming) here:
*These are my opinions. It is not a sponsored post/review.