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Great New Resource for Learning About the American Presidents


Memorizing the American Presidents can be a daunting task. When I taught them to our youngest, the best resource I’d had been a deck of flash cards. Using pneumonic devices for each one, we were able to get through them in a matter of weeks. I wish I’d have had a copy of the ‘American Presidents Activity Book’!

Author Joe Rhatigan has developed an incredible resource for all parents, whether or not you’re a homeschooler. A softbound, interactive book, ‘American Presidents’ uses games, puzzles, & other fun methods to introduce students to all the presidents. It is complete through President Obama & even gives kids a chance to guess who’s next.

I’ll be honest: even my husband & I had a blast looking through (and playing) the different challenges. My favorite was the section on Presidential Pets. I had no idea that some of those animals were kept by First Families! It adds a more human aspect to various names students hear during their academic careers. They’ll also become more familiar with less ‘famous’ Presidents who are often left out of political talks.

Visual learners will get a kick out of drawing the White House and on dollar bills. Fans of facts & statistics will love sharing new trivia info at the dinner table. Parents, don’t feel left out. Read it too! I’ll admit I learned quite a bit.

If you have a student who cringes every time History class rolls around or is having difficulty remembering our Commanders-in-Chief, this will be a perfect resource for you both. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s offered for a very affordable $7.95.

It’s available from its publisher:


*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. Pic belongs to Quarto Knows.

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