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Have An At-Home Spa Day With Beauty Box 5

IMG_0235August is in full swing. We all know what that means. Summer is ending & school is right around the corner. In fact, many states have started school already! Before we close the chapter on our summer vacations, treat yourself to a spa day. Fit in some pampering ‘you-time’. You deserve it and Beauty Box 5 agrees!

Beauty Box 5, our all-time favorite subscription service, sends us 5 products every month via USPS. Some are new. Others new-to-you. Occasionally, as it is with this month, you’ll get the opportunity to revisit items you haven’t used in a while.

Many times, too, BB5 will include full-sized products in the box (rather than sample-sized). Four out of the 5 items this month are full-sized. For $12/month, you have a surprise waiting in your mailbox. Think of it as a present for being you! Adding up the cost of purchasing these items, individually, at retail prices, you’ll go far beyond $12. In fact, this month, the total would have been $69.59!!! Huge savings, huge fun. Let’s jump in:

Why drive to a spa, pay for over-priced services, and put up with people when you can do it all at home? Start by trying back loose hair with DID. Hair Spa Day Hair Ties. You know I can NEVER seem to keep hair ties? My sons have used them for securing action figures (enough said on that!), they end up with the missing ‘dryer’ socks, or a sucked into some space/time warp. Regardless, I can’t ever find them when I want to. Included in our box as our first full-sized product, they have an MSRP of $6.50 which is perfectly reasonable. Add in the fact that they’re just cute as can be & don’t make you feel like you’re getting a face lift & I declare them a winner!

IMG_0232 Since we’re talking tresses, let’s move on to a product I haven’t used in years. VO5 is a well-known, well-reviewed brand name. I remember my mom having it in our shower growing up. Seeing it in the box was a very pleasant surprise. If you’ve personally never tried their Hot Oil Therapy Treatment you’re in for a treat. With it’s $2.59 MSRP, it’s a cost-effective, thank you for your hair.
Just put the unopened tube in hot water to heat it up. Apply to hair. Leave in for about a minute. Shampoo it out & enjoy.
As a bonus surprise, BB5 has put in a trial-sized Rave hairspray. I used the brand in high school & it’s just as awesome as it was back then. I appreciated that Rave has given us a coupon to purchase it in its full-size.

Nika is a new-to-me brand, but the made a fabulous first impression. Their Facial Exfoliating brush is so soft it doesn’t feel at ALL like the brushes I’ve used before it. Perfect for pairing with any cleanser of your choice. I love that it has an attached chain to hang it up. It’s more hygienic than it lying around plus it keeps the bristles in top shape. It’s MSRP of $17 is absolutely worth it in my opinion. It cleans very well & its texture is heavenly!

We’ve all seen or heard the buzz about essential oils. Facebook is full of folks singing their praises. Here’s one for your skin. Olive Natural Beauty presents its Olive Natural beauty Elixir, an essential oil to be dropped into your moisturizer or smoothed on (after you use your new cleansing brush). Although I didn’t see much difference, to be fair, I’ve not had it very long. Being that I’m not up on pricing for essential oils, I can’t express whether or not its $36 price tag is competitive. I’ll let you decide.

Rounding out our fab 5, we have Global Beauty Care’s Retinol Spa Treatment Mask. The words ‘relax for 20 minutes’ may sound like a dream, but if you can swing it, the mask is a perfect wat to spoil yourself. Its $7.50 MSRP beats any price for a facial at a Spa, that’s for sure! Also, it’s worth it! Reintol has been applauded for a long time for its wrinkle destroying abilities. After removing the mask, I felt my skin both looked & felt better. It should definitely be included in your home spa.

August’s box represents everything I love about Beauty Box 5. Visit them at for full product & ordering info.

*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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