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Explore Your Design Style

When it comes to decorating, I’ve always found it important to make a house feel like a home. From color schemes to furniture, a house should be warming, inviting, & make guests feel like they belong.

Having young children in the home resulted in my decorating style taking a backseat to safety & function. We also kept things fun with wall decals geared for boys and simple paints that were easier to clean. But, now that two of the three are on their own & the youngest a teen, we have more liberty to discover what we’d like the house to look like.

For me, it’s all about warm colors. Deep reds & green especially appeal to me. I adore Moroccan decor which incorporates both colors as well as jeweled designs. My husband likes a country setting. Blues & Forest Green shades are his favorites. So, when you have two vastly different tastes, what do you do?

After taking the Interior Design Quiz , I was a bit shocked to see that they matched me as ‘Shabby Chic’. According to the description given, I have romantic, vintage-inspired tastes with rosy shades. Apparently, our design preferences weren’t that far off!

With that in mind, it will be easier to pick out pieces & colors that we can both live with. It also helps if you can each chose a room to decorate yourself. In our case, separate bedrooms makes that a reality. Due to my health issues, we have slept separately for years. His room can maintain the cottage, country-style is easily attained with color quilts such as those sold in our local Amish-owned shops. Woodwork is accentuated by his earthy browns, blues, and natural shades of green.

For me, I can get creative with bedding, using my appreciation for the deep, Moroccan shades. Utilizing specific fabrics & tasselled throw pillows makes the bed itself a focal point. Around various, vintage-looking picture frames, I can tuck in small, deep-hued pieces to accentuate. By staying close to the same color family that he likes, nothing looks too obscure or out-of-place. In the room that connects our two rooms, we can blend pieces from both tastes. Green colored, vintage pieces and a neutral colored couch help. Throw pillows that have both schemes weave it all together.

Windows make a room & by picking specific window coverings, you can make or break your style. Make sure the covering achieves the level of privacy/light levels you need & want, but still stay within you personal style. Check Pinterest and blogs like the one on for great inspiration.

Compromise is a must, but if you don’t know where to even start, try the Quiz. It will give you a sense of how to love your space & accept your spouse’s!
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