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Challenge Yourself to Have Healthier Teeth

If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt repeated the mantra ‘Brush Your Teeth!’ hundreds of times. But, if you’re like me, oral hygiene becomes an especially urgent message.

Periodontal disease is prevalent in my family. Many of my relatives no longer have their natural teeth. I have both an upper & lower partial. From my high school years on, I have suffered from cavities, abscesses, extractions- you name it! Now, I can honestly place some of the blame on the medicines I take. Most of them carry the side effect of a dry mouth. However, a significant portion of blame falls directly on my shoulders.

Many times, I’ve put other things before dental visits. I wasn’t always careful to about which dentist I chose. I was lacking in the whole care routine in general. So, starting with my first child, I swore I’d be diligent with their teeth. Thankfully, that’s a pledge I took very seriously. My boys have all gotten their exams in a timely minor, have had few cavities by God’s grace, & floss. I have made my self a pain in the neck (or mouth, if you will), by nagging them to brush & floss morning, night, & after meals.

We’ve gotten the special strengthening treatments that dentists advised & have used toothpaste that provides more than just a clean mouth. We’ve even had them compete to see who can swish longest with mouthwash! Anytime they’ve been less than enthusiastic, I’m quick to reiterate to them all my issues & literally, show them what happens when your teeth aren’t a priority. Most of the time that works.

In today’s world full of bells & whistles of technology, brushing has come a long way. We have toothbrushes that play music now for goodness sakes! But, if you really want to get kids into the swing of things, have them take a selfie. They’re going to take hundreds of those today anyway. Why not have them take one that actually benefits their health?

Dolley Madison Dentistry is awarding one hygienic selfie-taker a $100. All you have to do is snap a pic of yourself brushing your teeth in the craziest location you can think of (safety first, don’t try anything too crazy!). By visiting their website, you can get the full details plus take a look at other super-brushes & their ideas.

With summer in full swing & your kiddos are out hunting Pokémon, they can be brushing away. Once they hear that selfies are involved, they’ll be on-board! Have fun. Be creative. Encouraging your family to be responsible with their health is a precious gift. Instilling these values now will stay with them forever.

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