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Murder & Cake By Royal Appointment: Luna Snow

What could be a bigger honor for a baker than to make the Queen of England’s birthday cake? Well, for Jane Dough it’s the height of her baking career. Besides having the ideal name for any baker, Jane has recently appeared on the popular show, ‘The Great British Cake-Off’. Queen Elizabeth, a fan of the show, saw Jane’s performance & decides she simply must make her a 90th birthday cake.

Leaving her cat with a neighbor, Jane heads for Buckingham Palace. She isn’t alone as it seems the Queen’s staff has assembled a stellar collection of chefs & bakers to prepare all the food for the party. Joining her are Jimmy Hines, celebrity chef, and his assistant, Mark. From Paris, we have Madame Josephine & her assistant, Cecile. Collectively, they’ll share the Royal kitchen for a week.

Before preparations can begin the palace is rocked by a very devastating theft. If that wasn’t enough, soon after, a corpse is found stuffed in a cupboard. This is certainly not what Jane had envisioned for her week with Royalty! Channeling her favorite, fictional, female detective, Jane attempts to assist the investigator, Alf Jefferies.

Now, it’s of the utmost importance to resolve these crimes before Her Majesty’s special day.

Pros for the book are definitely the heroine, Jane, as well as the plot itself. Jane is down to earth & likeable. Using the palace as a setting without making it overly fictional was a great choice. I enjoyed the book as a whole despite a few issues.

Speaking of which, the cons are most definitely the enormous amount of editing that was overlooked. It makes me sad for authors who pay editors to double-check them only to find that they’ve missed formatting, punctuation, & grammar. There were so many needed punctuation fixes here that I lost count. Besides this obvious con, I was disappointed that so much attention was pair to Jane’s weight. Okay, she isn’t svelte or young. But, her character was crafted to be both matronly & plump. It added to her Miss Marple-esque likeability.

That said, I’d still say it was a cute, quick read. It’s very clean and non-violent. I give it a 4 star rating.

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