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Beauty Box 5 Gets Us Road Trip Ready

July is a big vacation month & smart packing is a must. Products that help us look our best are always appreciated. For July, Beauty Box 5 sends us things to make us ready for the road. Personally, I loved this month’s box. All 5 items are fabulous AND all 5 are full sizes! Let’s unpack our box:
IMG_0153Skinny Tan’s Mini Mitt made me chuckle. I couldn’t help thinking it looked like a little gingerbread hand! But, regardless of my warped humor, this is really a very smart concept. If you’re big on self-tanner, but hate the stained hands, then the $4.95 MSRP is totally worth it. It gives an even, streak-free application. Plus, it’s so darn cute.











Next up are the best tweezers I’ve used in quite some time. Beautiful ‘Rose Gold Tweezers’ from Sweep are pretty to look and super effective. I love the slanted tip and the fact that it’s wider & more blunt than other comparable tweezers. With my unsteady hands, the were much easier to keep hold of and maneuver. To me they are absolutely worth the $14 MSRP.











Beauty Box 5 provides its own innovation by including their Round Blending Brush. Great for all types of eye shadow, I loved the size of the brush and found it very easy to use. With its $10 MSRP, it was as good if not better than higher priced, comparable brushes.IMG_0157
Including the brush as perfect considering that next, we have Hakari Cosmetic’s Eye Shadow. I was very pleased the the color I received is ‘Coal’. It is best described as a dark, black shadow. I used primer under it & it absolutely lasted the day. The pigment is rich and I didn’t suffer any creasing with it. I go through a lot of eye shadow so the MSRP of $13 is fine by me.IMG_0159

Sticking with the eye area, we have Chella’s ‘Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color Pencil’. Pros are the fine tip & no need for a sharpener. Cons are the color. It is definitely not dark enough to look at all natural on me. However, the product itself is nice. I just couldn’t use it on my brows. Additionally, we get 2 extra perks this month. Sweep provides an adorable, circular mirror to accompany their tweezers and The Better Skin Co. gives us a Gift Card. Nice!
Now, all totaled, if you purchased the products individually, you’d spend IMG_0158$59.95. But, through Beauty Box 5, you’re getting them for $12! If only they were in charge of the national debt!! They certainly know how to save us money. Not to mention that BB5 is the most dependable subscription service I’ve used. Each month, I know the mailbox will hold my BB5 treasures at around the same time (always before the 15th). At $12 a month, you save time, money, & effort while getting to try new or new-to-you products. Fall in love with them or decide against them. Either way, it’s fun to experiment with new looks for minimal money.
Visit for full product & ordering info. You’ll love their site!

*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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